Tradition and experience

Sasso dei Lupi winery was born out of the decade-long experience of one of the most important vine growers’ cooperatives of the Umbria region: Cantina Sociale Colli Perugini which, since 1959, has expanded to include a large number of local vine growers of the Marsciano area

Sasso dei Lupi has had the ability to evolve continuously over time, adapting to the great social changes in the country and to the dynamics of globalization, while gradually transforming itself from a large producer of wines in tanks to service provider for other key players of the Umbrian wine industry..

In particular, during the last decade, Sasso dei Lupi has been offering an increasing range of bottled wines to satisfy the requests of a quality-oriented market. Sasso dei Lupi is headquartered in Marsciano, in the province of Perugia, along the Canticle Wine Route which connects Torgiano, Assisi, Perugia and Todi