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The drive for quality

Once upon a time there was the so-called ‘demijohn’… but today Sasso dei Lupi is enthusiastically advocating the use and spread of five-liter vacuum bags to replace the traditional glass demijohn..

The main advantage of these Bag-in-Boxes – also known by the acronym BiB – is that they provide a safe, bubble-free filling process while their special fitments inhibit oxygen penetration into the bag during dispensing. In fact, thanks to a special push-button tap and to the flexibility of the packaging films, the bag is compressed and folds back on itself without forming air bubbles inside as the wine contained is dispensed.

Thus, the risk of wine oxidation is almost entirely reduced while the organoleptic properties of the product are kept unaltered. Bag-in-Boxes can be easily stocked, put in the refrigerator or on store shelves and they will provide efficient oxygen and light barriers to your wine