Our Philosophy

Tradition and experience

Sasso dei Lupi winery was born out of the decade-long experience of one of the most important vine growers’ cooperatives of the Umbria region: Cantina Sociale Colli Perugini which, since 1959, has expanded to include a large number of local vine growers of the Marsciano area. Sasso dei lupi…

The respect for values

We believe cooperation does not simply refer to a business model; it is, first and foremost, a working corporate philosophy guiding our daily choices. Also, it is a framework for sharing the value of mutual assistance, support and economic development of the Umbrian wine industry and its people over time….

The drive for quality

Once upon a time there was the so-called ‘demijohn’… but today Sasso dei Lupi is enthusiastically advocating the use and spread of five-liter vacuum bags to replace the traditional glass demijohn.
The main advantage of these Bag-in-Boxes …


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